What does the Makeup Trial involve?

A pre-trial consists of a personal consultation where we will discuss styles of make-up as well as all the details of your wedding from dress colours, to flowers and photographer arrival times. I also like to take into consideration your overall wedding theme/style, colour scheme as well as match the makeup to your chosen hairstyle. I will then apply your makeup & we can discuss your likes/dislikes. A pre-trial is recommended about 1-2 months before your wedding! If you are considering a spray tan for your wedding day, please ensure you have had a spray tan before the trial as well!

PLEASE NOTE: for all makeup applications, freshly waxed/threaded skin often doesn't hold makeup well - the skin is slightly traumatised and freshly exfoliated. Please ensure your hair removal is done a few days prior to makeup application for best results.

How long does the trial take?

Usually around an hour - hour and a half.

What do I need for my trial?

Please do your own research and come prepared. Any photo's of makeup looks you would like to go for. Some brides will have swatches of fabric or photo's of their dress, flowers and bridesmaid colours as well. 

I have sensitive skin, sometimes it reacts to makeup/skin care products - what should I do?

At your trial, it is important to mention this to me during the consultation. I will discuss your skin concerns and address them accordingly. As a qualified beauty therapist/aesthetician, I am experienced in treating and/or controlling different skin types and skin conditions. There are a plethora of products in my professional kit to suit even the most sensitive skin type. I will also be able to advise the best skin care protocol leading up to your wedding day. Please note: it is important to discuss ANY known allergies prior to booking a makeup appointment, so this can be addressed prior to your visit.

(Side Note: there have been a handful of situations where a client's skin is in an undesirable/problematic condition, therefore making a flawless makeup application impossible. I will always advise beforehand if I feel this will be the case. This should not reflect on my makeup application skills, as good skin care goes hand in hand with beautiful makeup results)

Do bridesmaids need a trial?

Often not, but that's not to say they can't! Usually during the bride's trial, we will discuss the makeup requirements for bridesmaids and/or other people having makeup on the day. It is more common nowadays for one bridesmaid/made of honour to have a makeup trial as well.

On my wedding day, what order is the makeup done?

The usual order is for the bride to be done last (or second last) so her look is fresh. Of course she should be completed prior to the photographer arriving. In some cases, the photographer will take photo's of the makeup being finished for a lovely start to your wedding album. It's not set in concrete, if the bride needs to be ready earlier, Michelle will work to their schedule! 

How long does each makeup take on the wedding day?

That depends on how much makeup/what look each person is going for. This will be discussed at the pre-trial. Usually, bridesmaids take approx 40-45 mins and the bride around 60mins. (Please Note: These are estimate times only)

I would like my makeup to look natural as I don't wear very much usually...

Then you will LOVE airbrush makeup! Most brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride/groom, and guests commonly ask to have their makeup applied so that it is very natural.  Always bearing this in mind, I will certainly ensure that this is the case however I will need to take the photography into consideration and often this means that the makeup may need to be slightly more defined than you may have envisaged.  This will mean that the makeup applied will look great in the photo's - not washed out & appear as natural as you would like it to be! I love nothing more than natural looking makeup, that enhances your unique features and looks as wonderful in person as it does on film! 

What do I need to bring by way of makeup on the wedding day?

It is a good idea to have with you the following makeup essentials for touch up's throughout the day/evening:

- Face Powder or Blotting Paper (reduces shine & freshens your look as needed)

- Lipstick/Lip-liner/Gloss (whichever you prefer for touch-ups) (I will often leave a sample of the colour used for your touch ups)

That's it - your makeup has been applied by a professional with primers at the start and a setting spray at the end, it should last all day & well into the night!

What happens if makeup numbers change leading up to the wedding day?

Usually adding on a few extra ladies for makeup is not a problem at all, please let me know as soon as possible so I can arrange an earlier start if need be. Please note - if you have been quoted for a certain number of makeup's for your wedding day, I  have allocated the day to you, which means I has declined other bookings. If numbers of makeup's required is reduced with less than 2 months notice, the full cost of those makeups will still need to be honored.

What is included in a makeup application with Michelle?

A professional makeup application is quite different to an everyday one. I start with primers/hydrating mists to ensure your skin is well prep'd for the makeup to come. A clean face is a must, so please cleanse old makeup off thoroughly and moisturise as normal. For photographic makeup - please avoid SPF products. Foundation, colour correctors (if needed), concealer and powder is then applied. Bronzing, light contouring (if needed), highlighting and blush will be done and adjusted to suit your complexion and makeup look chosen. 

Eye makeup is applied over a crease-less primer, eye liner, mascara and lashes (optional but they really make any look pop!) All eye products are waterproof!

Lipstick/gloss is the last step and I always try to use long wearing, smudge proof products. Often clients will have something similar for touch ups, but a small sample can be left for you to use later.

Lastly, after any adjustments following a look in the mirror, a high quality makeup setting spray is used. A light misting is all that is required to set the makeup, keep it smudge/sweat/tear proof and long lasting.