Mobile Service!

I'm pleased to announce that certain beauty treatments are now available as a mobile service! Please see my Treatment Menu for more info and contact Michelle for a quote!

Multi Active Fruit Acid Peel

AHA Peels are the perfect way to smooth, resurface and hydrate all skin types for all ages.  AHA's work by removing dead skin cells and debris from the surface of your skin whilst delivering vital hydration and nutrients deep within the skin.

Ideal for acne skins, pigmented, aged and sun damaged skins, peels are best selected as a series of treatments for outstanding results. 

Mutlifruit peel is a professional alpha hydroxy (AHA) treatment.

Contains: 25% AHA blend - Latic acid 28-32%. Glycolic acid 12-17 %. Citric acid 2-6 %. Malic acid 1% max. Tartaric acid 1% max.

Benefits: The benifit of regular applications of AHA's are well documented. After initial application a fairly rapid hydrating effect occures, and a noticeable softening of the treated area will be apparent. The prinicipal benefits however will take a little longer to develop. Within a  few visits (4weekly facials are recommended), a visible softening and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles will occur. The skin will then begin to look and feel softer, smoother and more youthful. Skin texture and resilience will improve with a reduction in blemishes, dry patches and acne related problems can be expected. Please note: results may vary according to each individual.

Hot Stone Massage

Relax, unwind and be transported to another dimension! Your journey begins with warmed organic coconut oils followed by heated pure volcanic stones, which have been naturally smoothed over thousands of years by gentle flowing water. Using rhythmic Hawaiian, Lomi-Lomi techniques, the stones release their healing energies. A sensory experience to harmonise the mind, body and spirit...

If you have never experienced this unique indulgence, you owe yourself this exquisite treatment... 

  • Improves circulation,

  • Assists lymphatic drainage and can help reduce cellulite deposits

  • Relieves stiff, sore muscles and opens tight joints,

  • Reduces stress and muscle tension/pain

  • Releases toxins

  • Above all, calming and relaxing, a real treat for the mind, body and spirit!


My 52 piece, naturally carved Basalt Hot Stones